How can I obtain a copy of course syllabi?


Last Update 2 years ago

Please be guided by the following policy in requesting a copy of the course syllabi:

1. The requestor must present the following:

     A. Letter of request

     B. Letter of endorsement from the Officer of the University Registrar

     C. Copy of the Transcript of Record (TOR) or list of subjects with the specified semester and  school year

2. Print/electronic copy is charged Five Pesos Php5.00/page and a processing fee of One Hundred Pesos (Php100.00) shall be charged when requesting a copy.

3. Payment of the processing fee and the printing cost shall be made at the Accounting Office/DLSU-D accredited bank.

4. The transaction receipt must be emailed to [email protected] for proper verification of payment if it has been received by the accounting office.

6. A maximum of three working days shall be allotted for the release of the documents.

7. The requestor is responsible for securing the university seal for his/her documents from the Office of the University Registrar (OUR).

8. Any valid I.D. shall be presented in claiming the request. In case the requester cannot claim the documents, an authorization letter is required on behalf of the requestor.

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